Sunday, 23 February 2014

Benefits of joining this Blog

On this blog we discuss ICT problems and provide solutions to operations that you would normally pay for at a CELLPHONE or COMPUTER repair shop. WE DO THIS FOR FREE! Why pay for a service, if you can get help on this Blog for FREE?!

Secondly, this blog will keep you updated with the latest happenings in the IT world... From latest Laptops, cellphones, I pad, tabloids releases, to the latest software’s that keeps your smartphone or laptop Top of its game.

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  1. So if my computer has a virus I should just ask you which antibiotics to give it right?
    Because right now I have a broken phone, should I put it in a cast?

  2. you are at the right place brother. Any time your computer is troubling you, just drop your complaint here and we will look into providing lasting solutions to your problems.
    As for your phone thats broken, I need more information, is it physical e.g screen damage? Or is it software related problems?