Sunday, 30 March 2014

Solutions to common mobile phone problems


If cell phone fails to power on:

 i. Check on/off switch
ii. Check battery voltage.
iii.Check if it can charge.
iv. Bad power IC.
v. Do cross connection by using computer software to 
flash it.

Keypad problem:

 i. Clean the keypad interface of the circuit board.
ii. Check if there is continuity on the interface.
iii. Replace the key with know working one of same make and model.
Phone not charging:i. Confirm is working by reading output voltage with meter.
ii. Check the fusible resistor and replace if broken,or charging pot.
If cell phone drops into water: i. Quickly remove the cell battery.
ii.. Dismantle the phone and allow it to dry.
iii. Use methylated spirit to clean power contact.

Blinking of screen: 

This problem could be caused by the flex of the phone, not from the main LCD. To solve this problem,change the flex.

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  1. this blog really helped me a lot when i was having problem with my cell phone the other day. thanks was very useful